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Canvas Storage Bag for KnitIQ Blocking Mats - Artisan Design


KnitIQ's hardwearing, 100% woven cotton canvas storage bag is your eco-friendly solution to store your blocking mats and organise your home in style. Its premium quality fabric and well-made construction will bring you joy for years to come.

STORAGE BAG FOR KNITIQ BLOCKING MATS. Specifically made for storage of any KnitIQ blocking boards. Made from 100% durable quality cotton, thick, hardwearing and well made with reinforced seams and strong stitching. Fits nine tiles perfectly to store your mats in style.

SOLID BRASS ZIPPER FOR SMOOTH ACTION. The quality zipper is easy to open and built to last. It effortlessly and securely opens and closes your bag to store your household items fast and efficiently. 

STRONG HANDLES AND FRONT POCKET FOR EXTRA STORAGE. Two reinforced handles allow for easy and secure carrying while the front pocket can hold smaller items such as T-pins or craft notions. 

100% NATURAL COTTON CANVAS FOR SUSTAINABLE USE. Made from natural material, you can store your KnitIQ blocking tiles in good conscience with this eco-friendly, breathable storage alternative.

BREATHABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN. Clothes can breathe, linens keep dust free and moisture doesn’t get trapped due to its 100% natural cotton material, which is machine-washable at 86°F / 30°C. This means your canvas bag keeps clean and tidy for years to come.