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About KnitIQ

KnitIQ is a maker’s brand. We’re passionate about knitting and crochet – just as passionate about it as you are. And we love blocking because it gives our carefully crafted projects that irresistible professional look which makes everyone ask: Where can I buy this?!

We understand that in order to create your very best work, you need high-quality equipment, designed by experts who care deeply about what they do. So we talk to the very keenest of knitters, crocheters and blockers. We ask them about the things they are making, the equipment they are using and how they are using it.

We want to understand exactly what they like and what they find frustrating, what new products would make their work more enjoyable, and how existing products can be improved. We ask them about the equipment that they’d really, really, like to be able to buy in an absolutely ideal world.

Sadly, and despite our very best efforts, we weren’t able to design a magic machine that washes, pins and dries your projects through the power of telekinetic thought.

Sorry about that.

But we are very proud to present a growing range of blocking products, each one designed by makers for makers. We sell super-thick blocking mats with interlocking gridlines that hold together even when put upright against a wall. We also offer blocking pins with comfy T-bars and a carefully developed and all natural no-rinse delicate wash for your precious wool-knits and fine garments.

And soon we’ll be adding more exciting notions designed in collaboration with other makers to support your maker’s journey and fuel your passion.

As a British company we’re passionate about our wool-producing heritage and such plan to increasingly support independent producers. Strictly between you and me, our future plan is to help the next generation of young people begin their careers in the yarn industry by offering training and apprenticeships.

Meanwhile, why not try our products and let us know what you think?